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17th Annual Compliance and Ethics Institute

October 21 - 24, 2018 | Caesars Palace | Las Vegas


Join us in 2018 to experience the new conference format, a new track and stay current on compliance solutions and resources.

SCCE’s annual Compliance & Ethics Institute is the primary education and networking event for professionals working in the Compliance and Ethics profession across all industries around the world. Sessions at the 2018 conference will offer the latest compliance information on hot topics and current events. Sessions are carefully selected and will be presented by leading experts who will explore real-world compliance issues, practical application, emerging trends, and state of the art techniques.

The CEI conference and compliance training is great for everyone in the compliance and ethics field including: Compliance Auditors, Compliance Directors, Compliance Management, Compliance Officers, Risk Managers, International Compliance, Financial Compliance, Corporate Business Ethics, Ethics Officers, Ethics Management, Compliance Lawyers, HR Management, and Human Resource Risk.





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The Compliance and Ethics Institute offers 9 learning tracks to cover issues that all compliance and ethics professional face. Learn what you need to know from compliance & ethics officers, regulators, outside legal counsel, in-house legal counsel, auditors, providers, and compliance industry experts. Topics include Business Ethics, Data Privacy, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Corporate Ethics, Privacy Programs, Creating Code of Conduct, Retaliation, Internal Investigations, Regulatory Compliance, Corporate Case Studies, Global Compliance, Whistleblowers, SOX Compliance, Cyber Security and IT Compliance.


Advanced Discussion Group

Been there, done that? Join an advanced discussion group and share what you know

If you’re an experienced compliance and ethics professional, or looking for a more interactive program, you’ll enjoy the sessions in our this track. Each of these sessions is designed to involve everyone in the room. There is no formal presentation, just discussion led by an industry expert. 

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Case Studies

Just the facts: Case studies in Ethics and Compliance

It’s one thing to discuss the issues compliance and ethics professionals face. It’s another thing to see what companies have actually done to effectively manage these challenges. The Case Study track will take you inside companies and show you how they’ve handled specific issues. 

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Compliance Lawyer

For the in-house and outside counsel

This track is designed to meet the specific needs of the legal community on the hot compliance topics for legal counsel. On it you’ll find insights of value to your practice and your clients. 

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Immerse yourself in ethics

There are few things more challenging or rewarding to manage than ethics issues. It’s a topic where everyone has an opinion. The subtleties are great, and they can make all the difference in the world. Ethics track sessions will cover the ethical considerations that C&E professionals need to understand and manage effectively. 

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General Compliance/Hot Topics

Everything from Compliance 101 to hot topics 

This track will keep you up-to-date on everything that’s currently happening in the compliance and ethics environment as well as bring you back to the basics and keep you grounded. Learn what you need to know from compliance & ethics officers, regulators, outside counsel, in-house counsel, auditors, providers, and industry experts.

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Investigations Workshop

Investigation Fundamentals

Determining the precise allegation you need to investigate. Understanding the critical role of documents in your investigation. Identify and explain the purpose of documentary evidence in your investigation. Review and discuss key issues involving documentary evidence. Sticking to the facts. Key considerations to include in the report. Benefits of preparing a good report.

IT Compliance

Learn about all the cyber security risks and compliance in IT

This track is designed to meet the specific needs of the IT community on the hot compliance topics, from ransomware to data security.

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Global compliance and ethics programs face added and fast‑changing complexities

Chaired by Marjorie Doyle, the International/Multinational track will dive deeper into the needs of the global program and the topics that are creating the biggest challenges for global companies today.

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Learn to effectively manage the risks your company faces

Risk and how to effectively manage it has become a top priority for most organizations. Developed by our Risk track Program Chair, Greg Triguba, these sessions are focused on top compliance and ethics risks. Interactive sessions are led by experts in the compliance, ethics, and risk management field. Participants will take a deep dive into important risk areas and will learn strategies for effectively managing these risks. 

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2017 Keynote Speakers

  • Marjorie W. Doyle
    Marjorie Doyle & Associates, LLC
  • Mark Lanterman
    Chief Technology Officer,
    Computer Forensic Services
  • Eugene Soltes
    Author; Associate Professor,
    Harvard Business School
  • Liz Wiseman
    Bestselling Author, Speaker,
    & Executive Advisor

Check out photos from the 2017 Compliance & Ethics Institute 

Future Compliance & Ethics Institutes

Maryland Outline

Gaylord National
National Harbor, MD 
September 15-18, 2019



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