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Thank you for joining us for the 17th Annual Compliance and Ethics Institute in Las Vegas. 

We look forward to seeing you in 2019 in National Harbor, MD.

September 15 – 18, 2019 | Gaylord National | National Harbor, MD

Interested in speaking at the 2019 CEI? 

Submit your session proposal before December 5th.

You must have an SCCE account and be logged in to access and submit the speaker form. Don’t have an account? Create one here:

You Will Learn:

  • The legal and regulatory framework and requirements of ethics and compliance programs, including an understanding of the key elements necessary for an effective ethics and compliance program. 
  • To promote ethical and compliant practices in organizations and the Ethics and Compliance profession. 
  • To identify the compliance issues faced and the key processes to use to address them. 
  • To equip ethics and compliance officers with the skills and tools necessary to work more effectively with the board, management and employees in their organization(s).  
  • To develop a working network of ethics and compliance professionals. 

What attendees say about the Compliance and Ethics Institute

"I walked away with a wealth of information."

"Timely topics covered"

"It’s the best conference I’ve been to."

"There’s really practical stuff that you can take back and use. There’s actual specific things you can go back and start implementing."

"The SCCE has been invaluable to me and to a lot of other compliance and ethics professionals."



"As a first-time attendee to the SCCE’s Compliance & Ethics Institute, I initially focused on what technical information I could obtain at CEI. What I learned, however, is that the relationships developed by spending time with my fellow compliance professionals created a greater impact on my personal and professional life than I ever could have received from the substantive materials alone. That is why I am going back again this year."    —Kasey Ingram, 1st Time Attendee   

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