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SCCE invites you to exhibit and/or sponsor

The Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics’ (SCCE) Institute is the largest compliance conference in the US with more than 1,700 compliance professionals from 40 countries in attendance. The 16th annual Institute offers a unique chance to promote your products and services to a highly targeted and qualified audience. Don’t miss this once-a-year opportunity.


Who Attends


Target Audience

Functional Responsibility

  - Chief Compliance and Ethics Officers - Compliance and Ethic
  - Compliance and Ethics Managers/ - Risk Assessment
  - Inside and Outside Counsel - Privacy
  - Internal Auditors - Data Protection
  - Fraud Examiners - Third Party Risk
  - Human Resource Managers - Training
  - Privacy Officers - Helplines
  - Staff educators & trainer - Internal Investigations
  - Corporate Executives - Anti-Corruption


Click here for the prospectus which includes the current exhibit hall map and application form. For the full conference brochure and agenda, click here.

I would be glad to send the lists of attendee titles and companies from the 2016 conference upon request. Additional conference information, including who is exhibiting, is available on the website.

Please feel free to contact me, Lori Dahmes, at with questions. I hope to see you in Las Vegas!