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SCCE Announces the 2018 International Compliance & Ethics Award Recipients

Minneapolis, Minn. --- July 26, 2018 --- The 14th Annual International Compliance & Ethics Awards will be presented to recipients at the 2018 Compliance & Ethics Institute. Hosted by the Society of Corporate Compliance & Ethics (SCCE), the event will be held October 21-24, 2018 in Las Vegas.

Since first presented in 2005, the International Compliance & Ethics Awards have been bestowed on colleagues and peers for their tireless efforts in furthering the compliance and ethics profession. The awards recognize those who have made a significant contribution to this growing field. Representatives from SCCE and the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) select the award recipients.

 “So often the work of compliance and ethics professionals goes unrecognized,” said SCCE/HCCA incoming CEO Gerry Zack.  “Each year these awards help us emphatically change that by stopping to pay tribute to those who have made a significant contribution to the profession.  The awards both vividly demonstrate the progress compliance has made and provide an opportunity for those who have done so much to enjoy the appreciation of their peers.”

Compliance & Ethics Award Recipients:

The Institute of Business Ethics is being recognized for its work to promote ethical behavior in business. The IBE is a leading voice for business ethics in the UK and internationally. It has been a hub for discussion, research and practical advice for more than 30 years and has proven to be a strong force in the ethics and compliance community. The award will be accepted by Philippa Foster Back CBE, the IBE’s Director. 
More about the IBE’s mission can be found at  

The Brazilian Ministry of Transparency and Comptroller General is being recognized for its work to encourage the formation of effective compliance programs in Brazil. This effort has had a significant impact on corporate behavior in the country and helps serve as a model for how other countries can fight corruption and other misconduct both by punishing wrongdoers and encouraging lawful behavior.  This award will be accepted by Wagner de Campos Rosario, Minister of Transparency and Comptroller General of the Union, Brazil.
Visit for more information about this recipient.

For information on past award recipients visit

About the Compliance & Ethics Institute

The Compliance & Ethics Institute is the primary education and networking event for compliance professionals across all industries around the world. Each year we host more than 1,800 attendees from 40 countries. This conference features 155+ speakers, 100+ sessions, and numerous networking events. Sessions offered at the Compliance & Ethics Institute not only identify the challenges, but also point to solutions that can help create more effective compliance and ethics programs. For more information, visit

About the SCCE

The Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), established in 2004, is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. SCCE is a non-profit professional membership association that serves more than 7,200 compliance and ethics professionals globally. The association provides resources and training to compliance professionals and champions ethical practices and compliance standards. Visit the SCCE website at or call 952-933-4977.